The Utilization of GPT-4o in the Field of Education

Challenges in the field of education are one of the global focal points in this digital era. Before the emergence of GPT-4o, the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in learning has faced significant obstacles, such as limitations in understanding complex learning contexts, presenting inappropriate and sometimes biased information, difficulties in understanding foreign languages, and challenges in obtaining holistic and in-depth understanding of learning contexts through various modalities such as text, images, sound, and video.

With the advent of GPT-4o, which is one of the technologies included in Gen-AI or Generative AI technology, the paradigm of education can experience a significant shift when implementing GPT-4o in the field of education. This technology not only better understands text but also processes images and audio simultaneously. This capability opens up new opportunities for education to address existing challenges.

Capabilities of GPT-4o in the Field of Education:

  • Improving the Quality of Learning Experience
    GPT-4o brings various potentials that can be realized in education. Firstly, its ability to assist in a more dynamic and engaging learning process can enhance the quality of the learning experience.

    GPT-4o can facilitate more natural interactions between students and learning materials, as well as provide more personal and relevant responses to student inquiries. Interaction during the learning process also involves audio with human-like tones, enabling two-way communication naturally and quickly, which can create an enhanced learning experience due to its human-like interaction approach.

  • Presenting Information More Accurately and Objectively
    GPT-4o offers better solutions for presenting appropriate data and reducing bias. With improved algorithms and better contextual understanding, GPT-4o can process and present information more accurately and objectively. Thus, GPT-4o can help address challenges related to presenting inappropriate data and bias in the educational context.
  • Improving Educational Accessibility for Students from Diverse Language Backgrounds
    GPT-4o can also be used to enhance educational accessibility for students from diverse language backgrounds. Its ability to understand and respond in more than 50 different languages with better speed, quality, flexibility, and adaptability makes it a valuable tool in supporting multilingual learning.

In the world of online education, GPT-4o also aids in distance learning by enabling interactive classroom environments where students can ask questions in real-time and receive immediate responses.
Therefore, the utilization of GPT-4o in the field of education is not just a technological innovation but also a significant step towards improving the learning process. With its advanced and diverse capabilities, GPT-4o brings new hope in enhancing the effectiveness, accessibility, and quality of education worldwide.

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