Gamat Emas: Optimizing Sales and Business Efficiency with Digital Solutions

Many businesses, especially in the healthcare and beauty sectors, often face various challenges in their efforts to remain competitive in a tight market. Some common issues that frequently arise include traditional methods of sales such as transactions, record-keeping, and inventory management being done without the assistance of digital technology due to a lack of resources familiar with digital technology. All of these can hinder growth and operational efficiency of the company.

Similar challenges have occurred with one of Mimin’s clients, Golden Gamat Sdn Bhd (GESB), which has been established since 1999 and is one of the leading companies in Malaysia producing health and beauty products based on sea cucumber. Like many other companies, GESB also faces challenges in promoting their products and increasing sales effectively. The company aims to increase average monthly sales by 200%, build a new customer database, improve time management, and better monitor budgets and expenditures.

Collaborating with Mimin using Mimin’s marketing campaign feature has enabled Golden Gamat to achieve various improvements in their operations and business outcomes. With this feature, Golden Gamat is able to send targeted and personalized promotional messages via WhatsApp to their customers.

“Mimin has helped us increase sales by 40% in the first three months. Additionally, marketing costs have decreased, time management is more efficient, and the promotional messages we send to customers appear more professional. The reports available on this feature also help us evaluate and adjust campaign strategies, as well as streamline the ordering process with direct payments.” – Mr. Hj Rosedy Issa (Director of Operations at Golden Gamat).

Overall, the collaboration between Golden Gamat and Mimin has yielded remarkable results. By leveraging Mimin’s marketing campaign feature, Golden Gamat has successfully increased sales, reduced marketing costs, and improved operational efficiency. Therefore, the use of Marketing Campaign from Mimin proves to be a digital solution in helping businesses increase revenue and enhance their operational performance.

Contact Mimin here to get assistance in boosting your business product sales as done by Golden Gamat with Mimin’s Marketing Campaign, which can significantly increase sales and operational efficiency for your business.


Mimin is a platform that helps businesses to create conversational customer journeys with Artificial Intelligence. With Mimin, businesses can effortlessly build chat journeys and establish a positive customer experience.

The applications that can be generated include, amongst others, the ease of running chat commerce, chat campaigns, customer automation, omnichannel inbox, and Generative-AI chatbot.

With Mimin, businesses can deliver superior customer experiences, strengthen customer relationships, and build stronger customer loyalty.

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