The Use of Gen-AI in Marketing Content Creation

In an increasingly competitive business world, creating effective marketing content that resonates with the target audience is one of the greatest challenges faced by companies. Content that misses the mark can lead to low engagement, poor conversions, and a decline in revenue for businesses. Moreover, the manual content creation process often consumes time and requires considerable resources, from research and writing to complex editing processes. This often makes it difficult for businesses, both small and large, to consistently produce high-quality content that is relevant and engaging to their audiences.

However, with the advent of Generative AI (Gen-AI), this challenge is starting to find its solution. Gen-AI technology can assist businesses in creating marketing content that is not only relevant and compelling but also efficient in terms of time and cost. Gen-AI utilizes artificial intelligence to generate content tailored to the needs and preferences of the target audience, enabling business stakeholders to focus more on strategy and customer interaction with their existing systems.

In this article, we will discuss the use of Gen-AI in helping to create marketing content for businesses.

  • Social Media Posts
    Gen-AI can assist in creating social media posts. According to a survey by HubSpot, 58% of Social Media Content Creators feel assisted by the presence of Gen-AI in managing their content calendars or business Content Plans.

    The use of Gen-AI Chatbots can help content creators generate content ideas, provide topic discussion suggestions on social media, or write headlines for social media posts. The use of Gen-AI in content creation increases the productivity of content creators by 35% in generating content ideas or inspiration.

  • Product Descriptions
    Describing new products to an audience unfamiliar with product terminology can be a challenge. However, Gen-AI can assist businesses in this regard. As many as 50% of business operators feel that Gen-AI helps in creating clear and easily understandable product descriptions for the general public.

    With Gen-AI, product descriptions can be accurately explained, emphasizing product features and functionalities in a way that is more easily understood by all segments of society.

  • Email Marketing
    As many as 43% of businesses that regularly use Gen-AI feel assisted in email marketing. One of the most challenging aspects is capturing customers’ attention through email subject lines and getting them interested in opening them.

    Gen-AI can help provide suggestions for the best times to send emails based on the most effective times to reach email recipients, thereby generating open rates and conversions from emails sent by businesses.

  • Image Creation
    As many as 36% of entrepreneurs find that Gen-AI technology is very useful in creating images. In the context of SEO, the use of images can improve rankings on internet search engines and add attractiveness to blogs, social media posts, or even product displays.

    With the help of Gen-AI technology, the process of creating or optimizing images becomes faster and more efficient, and can be tailored to the needs of specific marketing campaigns.

Gen-AI has opened up new opportunities in the world of digital marketing. With its ability to generate relevant and engaging content, Gen-AI helps address the challenges faced by businesses in marketing content creation.

From creating social media posts, product descriptions, email marketing, to image creation, Gen-AI offers efficient and effective solutions. For businesses looking to remain competitive and relevant in this digital age, adopting Gen-AI technology in their marketing strategies is a wise and innovative step.

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