Order Management & Fulfillment

Process incoming order 70% faster with Mimin's Order Management Features


Discover your business growth with smarter, more advanced, and integrated order processing automation

Watch your sales grow as you get to transform traditional ways of doing conversational commerce

Multiple Payment & Logistic Options

Offer various payment options to your customers, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and bank transfers. Logistic Options provides you with a range of logistic options, including multiple shipping carriers, shipping methods, and delivery times.

Customer Insight & Transaction Reports

Optimize your sales strategies, improve your operations, and ultimately drive revenue growth with up-to-date customer insights into your sales and transaction data.

Ecommerce Microsite Enablement

Expand your online presence, increase sales, and reach new customers through a dedicated microsite that offers a personalized experience. This feature allows you to customize your storefront, including branding, product or service categories, and pricing.

Our Features

Seamless chat-commerce experience for business and customers alike

Customized and seamless integration for your business needs

Order Processing Automation

Manage orders, track inventory, generate invoice & shipping lables under one dashboard.

Easy Integration to 3rd Party Application

Seamlessly connect with your existing applications or services. This integration allows for the exchange of data, functionality, or resources between different systems, making it possible for your necessary application and Mimin to work together.

Reservation Calendar

Manage and track reservations or appointments in a visual calendar format. Provides an easy way to view and manage reservations in a single place, allowing you to easily see what times are available and what has been booked.

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